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Cheers! To a photography project completed for Glamorgan Brewing Co.


Here at We Should Create. we love creating content for food and drink companies. We’ve had experience shooting all sorts from greasy burgers to supper clubs, from fruit juices, to exceptional coffees. So when given the opportunity, we were super keen to put our camera skills to the test and work on a project with Glamorgan Brewing Co.

Pictures? Oh, we thought you said “pitchers....”

Glamorgan Brewing Co. is a brewery based in Llantrisant in South Wales and the team here at We Should Create. was very excited for the opportunity to shoot with their beer! The behind the scenes will show you how we shot a range of different landscapes around South Wales, with the end goal of creating some beautiful double exposure images which we can’t wait to share with you soon!

Client: Glamorgan Brewing Co.
Photography: We Should Create.
Behind the scenes: We Should Create.